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A Knitting Story

A new yarn shop is opening in Northfield soon and I had the fun of writing a story about the new shop - Yarn Store to Open in Downtown Northfield - for Northfield Patch. The shop, Northfield Yarn, is due to open in September and owner Cynthia Gilbertson is excited to not just open a store but to create a welcoming community for fiber lovers of all skill levels.

Talking to Cynthia got me thinking about when I used to knit, back to when there was a yarn shop called Cottage Industry in town. Cottage Industry has been closed for several years now but when it was open there was a wonderful feel of community in the place. The owner, Jessica, and one of her employees, Amy, welcomed me the first time I walked in the store. I wasn't a knitter at the time and had no desire to start but I loved the yarn and found myself feeling both content and inspired to be creative whenever I walked in there.

Eventually, inspired by the beauty of a certain turquoise yarn and with encouragement from Jessic…