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30 Days of Biking - I can't help it!

I just signed up for yet another round of 30 Days of Biking. I honestly have lost track of how many of these I've done. Thankfully, other people are keeping track - according to this Pioneer Press story by Molly Guthrey, 30 Days of Biking started six years ago. So, if we're in the 6th year and there were a few bonus rounds in September a few years, this will make my 8th 30 Days of Biking - or something like that.

I guess the number of challenges I've done doesn't matter as much as the fact that each April I get out and I ride my bike every day and doing so makes me feel good. If this lovely spring weather we've been having sticks around into April (please! please! please!) then this 30 Days of Biking will be a piece of cake compared to other years when we've had snow, cold, sleet and rain to ride in.

I do have a busy schedule this April because I'm in a musical, Oliver! It's likely my rehearsal and show schedule will be more of an issue for me than the …


I've been super busy lately helping out with a Northfield Arts Guild production of August: Osage County as well as getting my daughter, Rose, to and from rehearsals and performances of Northfield High School's Rock 'n' Roll Revival XI. To top things off, I decided to audition for the upcoming NAG production of the musical Oliver!

Well, I got in the show and I'm really excited that I'll be playing Widow Corney. We've already started rehearsals and things are going well.

Just for fun, I decided to pull out my copy of Oliver Twist and start reading through the Dickens story that inspired the musical. I found my paperback copy of Oliver Twist that I purchased when I was in England for a January Term class through University of St. Thomas back in 1996. That visit was life-changing! (click HERE to read my previous post about my host parent, Bob). When I opened Oliver Twist, I found inside a British Rail ticket to Canterbury, England. Oh the memories! I took a da…