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Snow Fort!

The kids have the day off from school. At our very late breakfast we brainstormed on what to do on their day off. Go to the mall, watch movies and play Minecraft were high on the list. And while we considered each idea we did something far better - we went outside and played in the snow.

Early stages of snow fort building. Even Rocket is helping out. The kids decided to build a snow fort. We found three plastic storage boxes to use as snow block forms and the kids headed outside with great plans for their fort. Owen is working from home today so he and I headed out for a quick fat bike ride in the slushy snow. By the time we got back the kids had a good start on their fort. Then I joined in and helped Ryan with snow block production while Rose kept working on building. We worked outside for almost two hours before heading in for a late lunch.

The snow fort is getting bigger! Getting outside in the fresh air and snow has been a great cure to the stir crazies and a great way to get creativ…

Fresh Snow - Ice Below

We had a nice dusting of beautiful snow last night and at a balmy 10 degrees F this morning (compared to the 1degree we had last night) I couldn't wait to get out and ride my Salsa Beargrease, Bear.

I took Rocket, my dog, with me for just over a 2 mile ride/run. He loves it when I take him out biking. We've figured out how to work together so he runs far enough away to stay out of my way and he's responsive enough that he comes when I whistle when he gets too far. The only frustration is I have to take off my glove in order to give him a treat when he comes when called. Oh well, I want to give him positive reinforcement so it's worth having my hand get cold for a few seconds.
The fresh snow was so nice to bike on today. We had just a dusting of light fluffy stuff. And guess what? There's ice hiding underneath some of that white fluffy stuff! I discovered there were slippery patches within moments of setting out on my ride so I should have been more careful. But the…

Cold Ride

It's 1 degree Fahrenheit outside with a -10 F windchill but I've been itching to ride my fat bike, Bear. So I did. I wasn't cold. I had fun. I will do it again.

Here's the scoop on what I wore (because I always wondered what people wear when they bicycle in the cold - and I figured you might be wondering, too):

two pair wool sockswool vest and a fleecesnow pantswinter coatneck gaiterbalaclavahelmetlobster glovesoh, I had clothes on, too, just normal clothes, not workout clothesmoisture-wicking workout clothes (ie: wool or those fancy synthetics or something) would have been a better choice
I was overdressed except for my knees, they got a little cold. The rest of me, even my face, stayed warm, or warm enough.

I rode Bear (that's the name for my Salsa Beargrease) over leftover snowbanks because going over them was way more fun than riding the flat, frozen grass. It's winter after all. Where's the snow?

My only regret is that I didn't ride longer. I was ou…

Warm Fuzzy

It's cold here in Minnesota! We're being treated to below zero temperatures and we have almost no snow. In my mind cold and no snow is not a good combination. If it's going to be cold I figure we might as well have snow on the ground so I can snowshoe or ride my fat bike in the snow. But hey, the weather gods are not listening to me (so I think I will just bundle up tonight and ride my fat bike anyway - Why not?).

To help offset the cold - I bring you a picture of something warm and fuzzy to make you feel better.
Meet George Lucas, Rose's new guinea pig. He's warm and fuzzy. George's coat, unlike the hair of any guinea pig I've ever met (and I've met, oh, hundreds - we raised them when I was a kid) is more wiry in texture than smooth and feels much like our dog Rocket's coat (Rocket is a Border Terrier).

George, aka Georgie, came to us last week. Rose named him George because he was curious, like Curious George, and added Lucas because she's a S…

Berlioz, Baudelaire, Bicycling & Bob

I've been a bit out of sorts since last Monday January 7th, when I checked my email and discovered that my friend, Bob Jackson, passed away on January 3rd. His funeral took place earlier today in the town of Brentwood in Essex, England. 
I met Bob and his wife, Pam, on January 7th, 1996 when I arrived at their house to stay for two weeks as part of a January Term "English School and Family" class I took through University of St. Thomas. During this time I and another St. Thomas student lived with the Jacksons and went to school each day with Bob at Brentwood School where Bob taught French.
From L to R: Me, Heather (who also stayed with Bob & Pam) Bob and Pam

There is a lot I want to write here but I can't make anything sound right - a lot of processing I'm doing on paper and in my head about what matters in life. There's sadness about Bob's death. There's anger that Bob died so young -  he was only 76 and had been in fine form. There's fear about…