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A View from Above

This morning we flew our Piper Pacer to a fly-in breakfast in Shell Lake, Wisconsin. We like attending these fly-in events but haven't been to many in the last few years. Breakfasts are typically on a Saturday or Sunday morning and our weekends have gotten busier and busier as the kids have gotten older. But flying to Shell Lake is an annual tradition for us - and this morning the weather was absolutely perfect - so off we went.

This morning, much of the ground below us was covered in fog making for some magical views of the world below.

My Brother and I Bought a 1947 Dodge

My younger brother, Joel, and I bought a 1947 Dodge Club Coupe on August 17, 2013.
What? Why?Huh? I didn't know you liked cars, Myrna!

I can't exactly answer articulate WHY we bought the Dodge. But it has a lot to do with family. This old Dodge has been in the family for 64 years, since it was almost new. Our Great Uncle Elmer bought the Dodge in 1949. Our Grandpa Howard bought the Dodge from Uncle Elmer when the car was about 10 years old. Not long after our Grandpa passed away, our Uncle Marvin got the Dodge. Marvin owned it for about 19 years. The time came where he wanted to sell it.  And, well, Joel and I just couldn’t bear to see the car leave the family. And I think we both envisioned cruising around town together in an old Dodge and maybe going to some car shows together. 
In addition to the family connection, yes, I actually do like cars. I'm not exactly a car lover, I guess, but I like them for sure and do enjoy mechanical things (I'm a pilot, after all). Rest…

642 Things to Write About

There are days that don't go according to plan. Days that get awkwardly goofed up. Today has been one of those days. Until just moments ago when Rose, my daughter, came up to my office and told me that there was a package that arrived in the mail for me. She made a comment that it was addressed to "Myrna Mibus, Writer & Pilot."

That's just plain strange, I thought. I wonder what kind of thing I got in the mail? And who would send a package to "Myrna Mibus, Writer & Pilot"?

I found the package on the kitchen table. It was about the size of a book. I opened it and inside I found a package wrapped in blue paper with a golden ribbon around it and a small card attached. I opened the card before the package. And I cried. I do that sometimes.

Here is what the little card said:

I saw this book and thought of you (even though I doubt you have any shortage of ideas to write about). :) Thought you might enjoy it anyway ... From: Cassi
I unwrapped the paper to find…