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30 Days of Writing

Today I started a new 30 day challenge. What is it this time? Well it's not another 30 Days of Biking challenge. We haven't had enough snow for another round of 30 Days of Snowshoeing so that's not my new challenge. This challenge is about writing and I'm calling it 30 Days of Writing.

You might be thinking, "What's the point? You're a writer. Don't you already write every day?"

Yes, I do write pretty much every day but the goal of my 30 Days of Writing challenge is not to do my regular writing it's to work on a couple of memoir projects that I seldom make time for.

It's to work on projects that I keep saying I want to get to "someday..."

Someday. That's a word that ends up in my vocabulary way too often. 30 Days of Writing is one way to get the someday out of my writing life.

The challenge is simple - I just need to spend a little time each day working on one of my memoir projects. I can write a lot of material or edit someth…