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Writing Space Blog Launch

Some time ago, I updated my writing website found at using WordPress. My website now has a new look, greater capabilities and a new writing-specific blog – Writing Space. Why a new blog? Well, I’ve been blogging here at my Idyllwild blog since 2010 and, before that, was blogging on a iWeb based blog that I started in 2007. Though I started the blog largely to write about my writing life, over time I realized that my Idyllwild blog was mostly about bicycling and other fun things like flying and baking cheesecakes French macarons. That’s all great fun, of course, but I started to feel the need to create a new blog and keep it focused on writing and let my Idyllwild blog stay on the meandering path it’s already traveling on. I’ve been somewhat quietly posting content on Writing Space for some time now but am now officially announcing the launch of my new blog! Idyllwild stays alive here as “a blog that’s mostly about Bicycling but also covers Flying, Baking and just…

The Practical Piper Pacer

I'm happy to share that I've had another feature story published in Piper Flyer Magazine - The Practical Piper Pacer.

My first Piper Flyer article,  Airshow Entertainer: Lowell White’s Vagabond – A Piper Vagabond Finds Its Way Home, was published back in November 2014. Writing for Piper Flyer was a great experience so I was thrilled when editor Heather Skumatz contacted me to see if I wanted to write an article on Piper Pacers for the magazine. For a moment  I considered passing up the assignment because my schedule at the time was super busy and the deadline just two weeks away. But the idea of writing about Pacers - that's the kind of airplane I own and know so well -  was way too tempting. So, instead of passing up the opportunity, I asked Heather if I could write the story from the first person perspective (primarily to save time) and bump out the deadline a few days. She said yes to both so I got to work.

Even though the story was a first person narrative talking abou…

A Bit of Morning Gravel

I got out on my gravel bike for a bit of gravel riding this morning. The ride, though short, was lovely. I saw three pheasants, a bunny on the run (I scared it), a dog and heard a bunch of birds singing. The gravel was wet but solid and fairly easy to ride.

I'm doing 30 Days of Biking once again (for the 6th time with a couple of bonus rounds thrown in) so getting on my bike this morning was motivated by knowing that I needed to get my ride in for the day. I usually end up riding later on in the day, sometimes I even ride in after dark, so it felt especially good to check "ride bike" of my list of things to do early in the day.

My rides for 30 Days of Biking thus far have been short ones - I let myself get all soft, squishy and out of shape over the winter and have been dealing with some medical limitations so I'm taking things slow. That said, I'll be stepping things up as the month goes on and really picking up the pace come May. You see, I've signed up for…

My new favorite book!

I mentioned a book that I liked in a blog post Read More - Here's my stack of books (from January 2014). The book is The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. I loved the book and have read it twice already so I was extremely pleased to hear that that author Rachel Joyce wrote a companion book to the Harold Fry book titled The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy.

The book was due to be published in the UK last year but was not coming until February 2015 in the US. I didn't want to wait to read the new book - but I had no choice! I placed a request at my local library to be the first to read the book when it came out - and I waited impatiently for it to arrive.

Well, I got the book from the Northfield Public Library a few weeks ago and read it right away. I loved it! The story is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Fry book. Rather, Quennie's story parallels what is going on in Fry's story. A person can read the Queenie book without having read the Fry boo…