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ARTCRANK's Best Bike Stories of 2013

In mid-January I saw a tweet saying, "Wanted: Your Best Bike Story From 2013."Intrigued, I did a little looking around and discovered that the bike-art poster show company, ARTCRANK, was gathering bike stories for their end of year best bike stories lineup. The requirements were simple, "Write ±100 words about your best bike story from the past year." That seems easy enough, I thought. But then I noticed the deadline was less than a week away. I must have been in a "can't do it" mode because I almost immediately told myself I didn't have many super rides in 2013 and didn't have time to write a story in the few days before the deadline anyway.

But the best bike story idea stuck with me and I mentioned it to my writer friend Leslie (check out her Winona Media blog ) over coffee one morning.  Leslie basically told me I needed to write something and submit it. I told her I had no clue of what to write. She suggested I look at my blog posts from 20…

And we have a Finding Harmony Winner!

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for - the winner of the Finding Harmony book giveaway is Sheri Strachan. Congratuations Sheri - Pamela Fagen Hutchins, author of Finding Harmony is going to send a signed copy of the book directly to you!
I love how things work out as though they are meant to be and when I discovered that Sheri won the book I was pretty excited. Why? Well, hang on and I'll explain...

When I drew Sheri's name as the winner of Finding Harmony, I could tell from Sheri's blog that she lived in a town near me here in Minnesota. But, because Sheri's name is Sheri and her blog is called Sandi's Entertainment (more on this below) I couldn't figure out who Sheri was exactly. When I contacted Sheri to tell her that she won the copy of Finding Harmony, she wrote back and said that we'd met before. I remembered meeting her right away! We met through Sheri's husband, David, who introduced us when we were all at local bike shop some mo…

Field of Flower Quilt Progress

I'm having a busy week but managed to spend some more time working on the Field of Flowers quilt last night.

I plan to finish fusing the flowers onto the background on Tuesday because I have an appointment to get the quilt to Anne Tuma of Down Under Quilting on Wednesday morning. Once I drop it off to Anne, she will quilt the flowers to the background with her wonderful long arm quilting machine.

In my Field of Flowers on a Cold Day post, I was pretty much just in the thinking stage of this project. I had a pile of fabric and a bunch of flower petals to trace on fusible backing and an idea of what I wanted the finished project to look like.
After I moved beyond the thinking stage, I traced the petals onto fusible, ironed them to various fabrics then cut them out so that I had a pile of petals and circles with which to create flowers.
Then I started the process of laying out the petals on my background. This takes some time but it's fun to play around with color combinations as…