Monday, April 5, 2010

30 Days of Biking - I'm in!

So I decided to ask if I could participate in the 30 Days of Biking challenge even though I was starting two days late. I figured out how to tweet Patrick, one of the guys in charge of getting people on the 30 Days of Biking list, and he said I could do it. Yay! I'm in!

I just got back from a very quick ride around the neighborhood on my hybrid. The kids are home from school today, their last day of Spring Break, and I looked at our schedule and realized that if I was going to ride my bike today I had better jump on my bike and do it now. So, even though I had already showered and was dressed in real clothes, I stuck my helmet on my head, rolled up my jeans, grabbed my Specialized hybrid and took off. I have not ridden my hybrid since last fall. Now that I've been riding my new Giant Avail road bike the hybrid feels really strange. Very upright and much harder to pedal. Now I'm  kind of amazed I did the 30 mile Jesse James Bike Tour on a hybrid.

As for my first two days of my 30 Days challenge, Saturday Owen and I went out and battled 21 mph winds but still managed a 7 mile ride. Parts of the ride sucked. No way around saying that. It did. I thought I was going to fall over at least once when I was hit by a crosswind. Sunday evening we went out again for an almost 8 mile ride. This ride was a piece of cake compared to Saturday's ride. It felt good.

When we ride, even in crazy winds, Owen is all chatty -  he gets this way when we ride bikes. I am normally chatty but am not when I'm riding. One of  Owen's typical comments is something like,  "Oh wow, I could ride like this all day. Did you see how well we rode up that hill out of Webster? That's the best we've done on that hill so far! We did really well. If we can ride like this today, just think of how well we'll do when we get to the Iron Man."

My response? "Ugh." Or some other non-committal moan sort of noise. I mean, I'm working hard, sweating and breathing heavy and all that stuff and Owen decides to get all talkative on me. Why doesn't he get this talkative when I feel like talking? Why is he so darn happy when he's riding his bike? I mean, he's happy even when we're riding up hills. Sigh. These are questions that will never be answered, I'm sure.

Just a quick comment before I run to take the kids to a movie, I found a cool website, to track your workouts. It works for walkers, cyclists and runners. You can post your workouts and upcoming events you plan to participate in. I'm using dailymile and, other than not totally understanding how to use it, am keeping track of  my cycling and walking times on it. I even downloaded a cool widget that shows up on my blog. Cool.

More later. Time to get to Diary of a Wimpy Kid with Rose and Ryan.

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Owen Mibus said...

I just had to chuckle when I read your description of me. Some of my fondest memories are from when I was bike touring many years ago, so, yes, I'm happy when I'm on my bike.