Making tracks

I just looked out my office window and saw my snowshoe tracks in the snow. For some reason they surprised me. Seeing them I had concrete evidence that I actually have been getting out on my snowshoes every day. That I've actually been going somewhere.

And, for some reason, I find this comforting.

I've been fighting my 30 Days of Snowshoeing commitment and am kind of mad at myself for creating the challenge for myself. I haven't wanted to get out every day and snowshoe. It's cold outside. I don't like putting on my snowpants, my hat, scarf, gloves, jacket. Perhaps because I'm doing the challenge alone, unlike the 30 Days of Biking challenges where hundreds of other people biked every day and helped motivate each other, I don't really feel like it matters that I'm doing this. And I've lost momentum and motivation and simply want to sit inside and read a book. Or sleep. Or watch Monk and Cake Boss on Netflix.

But I keep snowshoeing. Every day. Even when I haven't wanted to. And though many days, especially the last few, I have resisted getting out there, once I get outside and start moving I am happy to be out on my snowshoes and am glad I made the effort.

Today will be Day 19 of my 30 Day challenge. And as soon as I wrap up a few things in my office I will get out there and make more tracks in the snow. Because, I tell myself, it's good for me to get outside every day, especially in the winter. I need the exercise. I need the sunshine. The fresh air.

And I said I would do it. So I will go.


j said…
I will totally commit to partnering with you for 30 days of Cake Boss. I think I am on day 11 already - so we've got a decent head start.
Nina said…
I will be leaving my tracks in the sand soon...can't say I will miss the snow.
Myrna CG Mibus said…
@j - I am 100% with you on 30 Days of Cake Boss!!
@Nina - I am 100% jealous!
Libby said…
Myrna - don't give up! You may be walking alone, but you're inspiring me. I'm with you in spirit.
cassi said…
Myrna - once again, we are inside each other's brain, I think. I am feeling the same inclination to "hibernate" - inside with books, music, knitting. And I don't even have your beautiful snow! :) But I am pulling for you, girl ... keep going, and I will do the same. You are so close to your goal. And ......... the photo is absolutely beautiful! I may need to beg for a copy of that one. :)
Loving the Bike said…
Congratulations on sticking to it even when you don't feel like it. Keep your commitment to snowshoeing going, and I'll keep my lifetime commitment to never seeing snow ever again going strong.

Pamela Hutchins said…
You are so awesome and so is that picture!
Annalisa said…
And today is day 20! Only 10 more to go! You are awesome!

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