Got T-Shirts?

Feeling the urge to do something good? Have a few extra t-shirts around your house that are in great condition? Northfield's multi-sport store,  Fit to be Tri'd, is collecting t-shirts, athletic shorts and money to ship them for the Nepomuceno Boys Home in Nepomuceno, Brazil through the end of this week. 

Fit to be Tri'd features an athlete in their monthly email newsletter but owner Tom Bisel decided to change things up a bit for his April issue and feature the boys home instead. Here's what Tom wrote in his newsletter, "This issue we are featuring the Nepomuceno Boys Home in Nepomuceno, Brazil rather than a local athlete or club. This change comes due to the death of a friend of mine that started the orphanage for boys some 50 years ago. One of our core values here at FIT to be TRI'd is to take the opportunities that come along to give back to causes bigger than ourselves. My friend was Arnold Boich...I would like to honor him this month by partnering with the orphanage and providing for an ever-present need at the home -- T-SHIRTS."

It sure is nice to see people doing something good - and it's a good feeling to be a part of something like this. Help out if you can! Read all about the challenge and how you can donate t-shirts and money to ship them to Brazil by clicking here. 

I talked to Tom earlier today and while he has gotten many donations of t-shirts he hasn't gotten much by way of monetary donations to ship them. If you are in Northfield and have an extra dollar or ten in your pocket stop on by and drop it off. Drop off some gently used athletic shorts and/or t-shirts as well, shirts with text and graphics on them are especially well received by the boys.

While you are at the shop you can check out the local events calendar and find out where to run, bike and swim in the Northfield area. You may also find fellow athletes wandering in - I met a member of a local bicycling group last time I was in the shop and am now on the group's distribution list for rides. You can also check out the clearance stuff like I did a couple of weeks ago where I found a Skirt Sports Tough Girl Top at 40% off the regular price. Cool! The Tough Girl Top is intended to be a cool-weather running top but I'm using it as a base layer when I'm cycling, throw it on first thing in the morning to walk the dogs and also use it as a regular shirt. I'm wearing it right now. The shirt is long sleeved and because of some clever construction is fitted under the bust. I'm happy to report that I don't look like a shapeless blob when I wear it. The sleeves have thumb-loops so you when the sleeves are pulled all the way down and you put your thumbs through the loops it's almost like you're wearing fingerless gloves. I didn't think I would like this feature at all but find that I use my "gloves" quite a bit of the time.
Skirt Sports Tough Girl Top on some ultra slim mannequin body. 
Imagine shirt on shorter, curvier woman who, due to clever construction of Tough Girl Top, does not look like a blob.

Sad to say that I haven't ridden my bike in several days now. I took a couple of days off then we got hit with rainy, cold weather. Then I got a monster cold of some sort and though I wanted to ride today, have been inside sleeping and drinking liquids from my 30 Days of Biking/Raccoon Rally water bottle. No, I'm not drinking wine this time. More like water with Nuun electrolytes. And tea, but I'm drinking that from a regular mug. I'm hoping that with some more rest I will be better soon. I'm looking forward to getting back on my bike -  I'm suffering from bicycling withdrawal so spent some of my non-sleeping moments today searching the internet for local charity rides that I can do this summer.


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