A Bit of Bling for this Bicyclist

I honestly don't think of myself as a girly-girl. I like playing with power tools. I fly airplanes and tend to do activities, like bicycling, that are male dominated. I seldom look at fashion magazines, usually wear a t-shirt and jeans and don't bother with much makeup. That said, I do have an affinity for coordinating my bike accessories, for the color turquoise, for pretty fabrics, nice dresses and for a little bling in my life.

My favorite little bits of bling are cute charms and beads made out of bottle caps that were created by a friend of mine, Cathy Collision, who owns a bead store, Glass Garden Beads (I wrote a story about Cathy and her Bottle Cap Beads that you can read if you click here). I stopped in the shop today to pick up a bottle cap charm they made for me and noticed some cool new jewelry they made out of enamel pieces and bottle caps. Guess what? Some of the enamel pieces were shaped like sprockets and, even better, some were turquoise!
My new pendant - made from an enamel "sprocket" and a Fat Tire bottle cap "flower"

I couldn't help myself, I had to have one of the cool little sprocket pieces and turn it into some sort of pendant. With Heather's help (she makes way cool jewelry-www.lawrenzjewelry.com) I picked out a "sprocket" and a flower piece made from a Fat Tire Ale bottle cap (New Belgium Brewing) and Heather put together a pendant for me. It matches my bike, my helmet, my new jersey and the cycling sunglasses I want to buy. It also matches my iPhone case, my computer, my airplane (a 1955 Piper Pacer, cream with turquoise trim), the paint in my music room and my Makita cordless drill.
A happy me wearing my new pendant and matching bike jersey.
Note: I am so happy with my new pendant that I forgot to make my bed.

That's an awful lot of matching for a woman who does not consider herself a girly-girl. I think I'd better go mow the lawn with my lawn tractor or chop some wood to balance things out.


Joy Riggs said…
Great post, Myrna! And I love your new pendant.
sandy said…
From someone who is a girly girl, that is a super cool pendant! Way to go Myrna!
Betty Ann said…
Great article thanks. I really enjoy reading your blog.

I just bought this great beading book and I wanted to share it with every other bead lover out there.

Myrna CG Mibus said…
Thanks everyone! I wore my new pendant on my bike ride this morning and am still wearing it. My mom even noticed it and said she liked it!

Thanks, Betty Ann, for sharing the info on the beading book. I have a lot of friends who bead who will appreciate your recommendation.
Nina Patten said…
Bling and biking first--bedmaking a distant second.
Lindsay said…
I LOVE THIS!!!! Way cute.
Myrna CG Mibus said…
Thanks Lindsay! I just checked out your blog and am now following it. You are such an inspiration!! Keep up the great work :)

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