After the Rain

Boy, it's been a crazy week around here. Last Wednesday I went for a bike ride on the Sakatah trail. While on the ride it started to rain. Pour, actually. It poured rain pretty much non-stop for the next 24 hours and the river in our town of Northfield, Minnesota, flooded. Big time.

To top it off, I got hit with some kind of a cold that had me in bed most of Thursday and Friday. So it was raining, the river was rising, and the city needed people to help sandbag and I was sick in bed. It's a helpless feeling to be in bed sick when you want to be out sandbagging your town. I'm sure, though, that I didn't feel nearly as helpless as some of my friends who live in Northfield who watched the river rise and ruin their homes and businesses even as they sandbagged. Even as they moved things out of their offices and homes.

A video of the flooding in Northfield (I hope this shows up)

It's now a week since the rain started. The river is going down. Clean up crews are hard at work. I'm still struggling with this cold and can't make it through the day without a nap. But through it all, somehow, I and my family have managed to jump (ok, crawl in my case) on our bikes and ride each day for 30 Days of Biking.

Here's what Rose and Ryan did for Day 23 of 30 Days of Biking

We're now on Day 29. Twenty-nine? That doesn't seem possible but it is. Today is the second to last day of the 30 Days of Biking challenge. It's also a church night which means that the kids won't get home until after dinner so we'll all have quick rides tonight, probably in the dark.

Tomorrow - the 30th day - is pretty open after the kids get home from school. We don't have a big ride planned but I'm hoping the whole family will get out and ride for at least a couple of miles. I'm hoping the weather is good so that we have a great ride for our last ride of 30 Days of Biking.

And you know what? I'm sure we will have a great ride - because one thing I've learned through a month of riding every day with my kids is that a positive attitude about riding really makes a difference. And if we decide we're going to have a good ride we will!

So here's to our final two days of 30 Days of Biking. They will be good days for sure!


Loving the Bike said…
It is so cool to see the amazing things that can come from people riding a bike. First of all, #30daysofbiking allowed me to meet and get to know you. Now it has also brought your family together and allowed you all to commit and achieve something together. On top of all that, it's also helped you learn (and share with us) the beauty of thinking positively and making things happen.

Nice job to you and your family on achieving the #30days commitment.


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