Monday, November 8, 2010

Mission Accomplished

I haven't blogged or biked in awhile and I've missed both. But, I've been up to my ears with a a travel story writing deadline and activities with the family and even though that's not really an excuse I'm using it :)

My story was due today and I found myself stuck needing to cut yet another 50 words to get it down to the right length. But my brain was pretty much fried and I realized I was not going to make any progress on the story unless I took a break.

So I decided to head out for a short bike ride.

At first I planned to ride my hybrid and hit the gravel roads near my home. Then I looked outside at the 60 degree weather and decided it was worth kitting up to ride my road bike if even for a short hop. After figuring out what to wear for the weather, (long sleeve jersey, bike shorts and long pants and light vest. I ended up being too warm) I aired up my tires (they were WAY below normal pressure), swung on, clipped into my pedals and headed down the road.

I headed east knowing that the wind would fight me on the way out but then push me back home. The wind can be nice that way.

I will admit, I haven't ridden my road bike in so long that I felt a little unstable at first and the first gust of wind that hit me was a big surprise. But soon I settled into the steady rhythm of pedaling and enjoyed my ride.

The hills, I am happy to say, did not kill me. Even though I just rode 5 miles, the ride was a bit of a challenge since I haven't ridden in ages and am feeling a bit out of shape. Still, it felt great to be back on my bike.

I stopped at the halfway point to catch my breath and take a picture. Yes, I always hope to take pictures as cool as the ones
@morebikes takes ( but, no, I'll never get there. I'm okay with that.

I got home, helped the kids settle a dispute that had to do with Ryan frying Owen's voltage meter (the kids have a day off of school today), made lunch and then headed to my office to do some final cuts to my story.

I just sent the story to my editor.

Mission accomplished. In more ways than one.


Loving the Bike said...

Great to see you out on your road bike at this time of year in MN. Nice.


Nina Patten said...

Good feeling!