2,011 in 2011

I've been thinking about milage goals for 2011. Last year, I set a goal to ride my bicycle 500 miles and when I surpassed that goal I set out with a personal challenge to complete 1,000 miles of exercise by the end of the year. I managed 914 miles, most of which were bicycling miles. I feel good about this especially since I'm not an exercising person at all.

At least I wasn't an exercising person.
I guess at this point I can think of myself an exercising person.
Because in 2010 I actually made exercise an almost daily part of my life. And I like it.

I see the year ahead as an opportunity to continue being active. I have found that doing mini challenges like 30 Days of Biking and my own 30 Days of Snowshoeing help me stay on track. And, even though I didn't make my 1,000 milage goal in 2010, I found that putting that big number out there kept me exercising. I've also found that tools like Dailymile have greatly helped me keep track of my progress and motivate me.

Yesterday I got an email from Dailymile stating that I could view my personalized exercise report for 2010. So I did. And it felt good to see the report, to see that starting from April when I started Dailymile, I biked, walked, snowshoed and ran (very slowly) a total of 914 miles in 2010. It also states that my exercising efforts burned off 293 donuts and 15 pounds of weight. Well, I'm not 15 pounds lighter but I'm not 15 pounds heavier, either. It was great fun to see the report, to see my average miles in a month, to get a visual of my progress.

So I've been thinking about milage goals for 2011. At first my goal was "Bicycle over 1,00 miles in 2011 - dare I say 1,500? 2,000?"  But now I have decided on something more concrete. My goal is to bicycle, snowshoe and walk a total of 2,011 miles in 2011. I want to do the majority of those miles on my bike but it's not likely I'll be biking much until spring. For now, I'm snowshoeing every day in January and fitting in some long walks and am planning to get my bike on a trainer and put in some bicycling miles indoors

2,011 miles is a big goal. I may not be able to make it. That's okay. I'll keep working toward it.
So far this year I've snowshoed and walked a total of 15 miles.
It's a good start.

Only 67 days until Spring!


Pamela Hutchins said…
I love that goal! And snowshoeing is wicked hard. Go Myrna!

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