Loving the Team Loving the Bike

It's Day 21 of #30daysofbiking and, despite the crazy Minnesota weather, I don't think I'll have any trouble finishing my third round of 30 Days of Biking.

I certainly am not logging many miles this time around but I am, save for one day when I rode a stationary bike on vacation, getting outside every day and riding a bike.

That means that when it snowed last week I was out on my bike. And when it rained yesterday I was out on my bike. And today, even though I'm kind of grumpy, I'll get out on my bike. Why? It would be easy to quit and think that no one is paying attention to whether I ride or not. But people DO notice if I don't ride.

Gravel road I rode on yesterday's ride.

Because I'm part of a the 30 Days of Biking community of people.
And for this round of 30 Days of Biking I am also part of a team - Team Loving the Bike.

Darryl of Loving the Bike created a challenge with a group of bicyclists at Bicycle Radio. The deal is team members rack up points for riding each day, for posting a picture from their rides on the team's Facebook page and for riding a bike when they could have driven. It's not a competition of speed or miles - rather it's more a competition based on the dedication to ride every day.

And Darryl asked me to be a part of Team Loving the Bike.
Our team has members from the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.
And I'm one of them!

In gym class in grade school I was picked last or near last for teams. When I played softball in 8th grade people groaned when the ball was hit in my direction because I usually dropped it. The other team pretty much cheered when I got up to bat, I was an "easy out." Team sports were never my thing - so getting asked special to be a part of this team, many of whom are pretty hard-core athletes, made me feel pretty darn good.

I thought about this, about being a part of a team, while I was riding my bike in the rain yesterday. I rode on wet gravel which was pretty tough. But I rode, and pushed myself to ride terrain I'm not comfortable on because of 30 Days of Biking and because I'm part of Team Loving the Bike. Because the points I earn for Team Loving the Bike for riding every day count.

Because what I do counts.
Because I count.
Which, at times, is kind of hard for me to come to terms with - but there it is.
I count.

And I'm in a very cool Team Loving the Bike video created by one of our team members, Aaron the Strong. Watch it. It will make you smile :)

30 Days of Biking The Loving the Bike Spectacular from Aaron Madrid on Vimeo.

I'm Loving the Team! I'm Loving the Bike!


Loving the Bike said…
Oh my gosh....I almost cried reading this post. Those teams that used to pick you last don't know what they were missing. We are so incredibly excited to have you on Team #LovingtheBike and you've got exactly the kind of winning attitude that our #30daysofbiking challenge is all about.

Anyone who gets out there and rides in the conditions you were in yesterday is a superstar in my eyes.

Of course I had to get you on the team....it was last April's #30daysofbiking that brought us together, and is the reason that today we're friends, teammates, and "island timers".

Awesome, Myrna....totally Awesome.

Cassi said…
I completely agree with what Darryl already said - the team is so lucky to have you, and everything that you stand for in cycling. I love that you are riding through it all - the bad weather days and the good. That is tenacity, and part of what I think is most inspiring about #30daysofbiking. You go, girl!!

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