Going somewhere

This morning Owen and I rode to the town of New Market, about 8 miles from home, for a cup of coffee. We've never ridden to New Market before. It's a nice ride with several decent hills.

Our coffee stop, Fritzie's, is a newly opened coffee shop in town. This was our first visit. I had a great latte and a yummy granola bar sort of baked treat.  Owen had a cup of dark roast - free refills made him extra happy. The service was excellent and we plan to stop at Fritzie's again.

A few doors down from the coffee stop is an Anytime Fitness. Through the huge windows we could see people working out on the treadmills and exercise bikes, pedaling and walking furiously but not going anywhere. And while I appreciate exercise equipment - I have a treadmill in my hangar and I do use it - and totally understand the importance of having places to exercise, it seemed a little sad that on such a gorgeous morning the people exercising inside weren't walking or biking outside.

That's the best thing about biking, I think, is that when I'm biking I'm outside and going somewhere. Sure, it rains sometimes, like this morning. And there are hills and the wind and some crazy smells from the farms and occasional roadkill we pedal past.

But overall the scenery is beautiful. And since I'm usually biking with someone I get to socialize. And on each bike ride, in the process of going somewhere while exercising at the same time,  I see and experience something new.


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