A Win Win Situation

My writing career has opened up so many opportunities for me. Through writing I’ve learned new things - like how to make metal garden sculptures with artist Jennifer Wolcott and and how to cover an airplane with an eco-friendly aircraft finishing process. My writing has given me a chance to write and record family stories, to be creative, to capture a moment or the essence of a lifetime and tell a story the best I can. Perhaps best of all, I've met so many cool people who, through the things they do and say, remind me that there's a lot of good stuff going on in our world. 

My writing career has also opened up more career opportunities for me.  Less than a year ago, I was offered the opportunity to write for a newly launched, community news and information website, Northfield Patch. Though I already had plenty of work, I was excited enough about Northfield Patch that I told editor, Corey Butler, Jr., that I would write for Patch anyway. I’m glad I did! 
My Patch stories have focused on cool things kids are doing in our schools and also on the arts. And, no surprise, through writing for Patch I’ve learned so many new things - like how grade-school children can make a difference by forming an environmental club, about how 6th graders learn about history through doing History Day projects, about a 3rd grade class who folded 1,000 origami cranes and made a wish for the world. Each story unfolds something new to tell and has opened up so many new connections for me with the wonderful people in our community.
It’s a win win situation, I’d say.
Indeed. Because now my connection with Patch is affording me yet another opportunity - I get to share my blog, Idyllwild, with the Northfield Patch community. From time to time I may write a Patch specific post, but most of the time the Patch blog will be my regular posts with a few tweaks for the different audience. I'll get to share my love of bicycling, flying and my family with a new audience, maybe turn on a few people to fun things like 30 Days of Biking or encourage them to do other fun things with their families.

I'm excited for the new opportunity!
It's another win win situation, I'd say.


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