Friday, December 30, 2011

A Recipe for Lori - and You!

Well over a year ago I promised my friend, Lori, a recipe for a wonderful appetizer - Brie Onion Tartlets. I even told her I would write a blog entry with the recipe and get it to her "soon."But I kept pushing the blog entry to the back burner and never wrote the blog or shared the recipe with Lori. Sorry!

Guess what? I'm going to make things right and post the recipe now. And even though I'm late in posting, the timing is actually perfect for any of you who might need to make a great appetizer for a New Year's party!
Brie Onion Tartlets
I discovered this recipe in the Taste section of the Star Tribune in 2003 and have made it many times since. The recipe is called "Honey-Glazed Onion and Brie Tarts but I've always referred to the little tarts as "Brie-Onion Tartlets." I'm not sure how I ended up changing the name. It's probably just because it's easier to say "Brie-Onion Tartlets" than "Honey-Glazed Onion and Brie Tarts."

Here are my notes on the recipe:

•I almost always skip the parsley. The tarts are still great without it.
•I find that I have enough of the onion mixture to fill 30 mini-phyllo cups instead of the 15 the recipe calls for. Be sure to pick up an extra box or two of mini-phyllo cups in case you have extra onions, too.
•The tarts are best served right out of the oven but I've also served them at room temperature and they still taste great.
•Browning the onions is time consuming and the tarts are somewhat bothersome to assemble but they are still relatively easy to prepare - and well worth the effort!
Onions, brie and mini-phyllo shells - everything needed to assemble the Brie Onion Tartlets
Interested in making these yummy little tarts? Click here for the link to the recipe on the Star Tribune's website.

And while you are on the internet, check out Lori's custom jewelry website, Simply Yours Creations, or her wonderful blog, We Bloom Where Planted. Lori is an inspiring athlete, blogger and artist I met through 30 Days of Biking. I'm constantly amazed at what an impact 30 Days of Biking made on my life - not just fact that I set a goal to bike every day for 30 days and and did it (four times now!) but because through 30 Days of Biking I met so many wonderful people - like Lori!

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Lori said...

I cannot wait to give these a try! maybe it will be just the thing to break my fast with! And thank you for the lovely words, you are such a wonderful person - inside and out! BTW now that we have moved down south, I am able to get out on the bike STILL - and it's almost January! Happy New Year!