Keep Calm and Peddle On ?!

Today is overcast and dreary but I found a little something that brightened my day. After my regular Monday morning coffee at Goodbye Blue Monday (this morning fellow writer Joy Riggs was there - check out her recent story in the Star Tribune on our lovely little town of Northfield - and we're usually joined by writer Christine Bernier Lienke as well) I headed over to one of the shops - Rooms by Tagg 2 just to take a peek.

Rooms by Tagg 2 has tons of cute & clever home decor items like books, frames, mini-frying pans (perfect for one fried egg - I bought one. It's turquoise in keeping with my favorite color theme) kitchen gadgets and more.

I found one thing that I just had to have that really brightened my day - in more ways than one. It's a box of matches with great bike artwork on it.  I love the vintage looking bike artwork and also the quote on the side which I thought was perfect for this dreary day - "Keep Calm and Peddle On" - Yep, what a great quote for a bicyclist, a simple reminder to keep pedaling through life no matter what comes your way.
I bought the little box of matches and the frying pan, tucked them into my bag and set off for home. But something about that box of matches kept bugging me so I stopped to pull them from my bag and look at them again.

There are actually six different bikes on the box of matches not three like I initially thought, I noticed. Cool. And then there was that wonderful quote - "Keep Calm and Peddle On"
Keep Calm and Peddle On ??? What??

Okay I will admit to making spelling mistakes, many of them, but you'd think that a company would catch that "peddle" and "pedal" have different meanings and, one would hope, would put the correct word on a product that they plan to sell.

Well, I suppose it does make sense that one could keep calm while they "travel about with wares for sale" (according to Merriam-Webster) and maybe even do this while pedaling a bicycle but I do think the company meant to stamp "Keep Calm and Pedal On" on the side of their cute little bicycling matchbox. Don't you think?

Yeah. I think so. Nonetheless, I like my little bicycling artwork matchbox and I will remember to keep calm whether peddling or pedaling my way through life. I'm hope to spend more time pedaling than peddling, though.

(Here's hoping I didn't make any spelling errors in this blog post - though a blog post about a spelling error filled with spelling errors would indeed be funny)


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