A Fatbike in my Future

A year ago I had the fun of test riding a Salsa Mukluk "fatbike" at Milltown Cycles with Milltown's owner, Ben. Boy was that fun. I blogged about that ride in what has turned out to be my most-viewed blog to date, "Can't Stop Smiling -  Riding the Salsa Mukluk."

Fatbikes, often referred to as "snow bikes," pretty much stroll along over snow. And curbs. And rocks. And sand. And just about everything that's in your path. They are just so much fun to ride. I've been wanting one since that first ride a year ago. Owen, too, had a chance to ride a Mukluk last fall and enjoyed it. He, my normally stoic and serious husband, even smiled and laughed while riding the Mukluk. Now that's something! (Check out a blog entry by Bobby from Salsa titled Fatbikes? Or Funbikes? that talks about how much fun it is to ride a fatbike and how they are for way more than just riding in the snow).

A few weeks ago, Owen had the chance to test ride Salsa's new Mukluk 2 at Salsa's demo day here in Minnesota. Owen has never been on mountain bike trails but hit the trails with the Mukluk 2 and had a blast. I didn't get to demo a fatbike, there wasn't a small-framed fatbike available when I was there, so I test rode an El Mariachi 29er instead and also had a blast. The bike I really wanted to test ride, though, was the new Beargrease. The Beargrease is kind of like a lightweight Mukluk but even better - it's stunning in black and turquoise (turquoise is my favorite color!).
Mukluk 2 and Beargrease - photos courtesy of www.salsacycles.com

Owen and I left the demo night even more excited about riding than ever before. My normally road bike focused husband was pumped about riding trails - I never thought that would happen. But a ride on a Mukluk, which makes riding mountain bike trails quite manageable, got Owen thinking he'd like to ride trails some more. And it got him thinking that he'd really like a Mukluk.

We're faced with a short road biking season here in Minnesota. Owen and I both love riding bikes and feel so much healthier when we're out pedaling away. Owen, who struggles with asthma, especially in the winter, has also noticed that when he's been riding  he can breathe just fine both on the bike and after the rides. Getting fatbikes, we reasoned, would extend our riding season and help us feel fit and healthy all year long. Oh, plus we get along really well when we're riding bikes together. So it only makes sense to ride bikes a lot now, doesn't it?

So, we did the only sensible thing we could do (okay, maybe it wasn't sensible but who cares?), we ordered two fatbikes from Milltown yesterday. Owen's getting a Mukluk 2 and I'm getting a Beargrease. I've already named my bike "Bear." The bikes should be here in a few weeks.

I can't wait for the fatbiking/funbiking to begin!


Loving the Bike said…
That is so awesome, Myrna. I love those bikes and would really like one of my own...even though I prefer not to live somewhere that has the conditions they are made for.
I can't wait to hear all about it when they arrive. Be sure to take lots of pictures and send me all the details. I actually just met the Wife of one of the guys from Salsa and plan on meeting up with him when I'm at Interbike later this month. I'll let him know that you guys are new happy customers.

Myrna CG Mibus said…
Thanks, Darryl. I will be sure to keep you posted and take lots of pictures. Let me know which Salsa guy you meet at Interbike. I've met a couple of them and my bike shop guys know the crew well. Salsa is a top-knotch group!
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