Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Slow ride

We have about six inches of fresh snow on the ground at last! Trouble is, it's very slippery to ride in. I got out yesterday with the intent of riding through the new fluffy stuff and quickly realized that wasn't going to work well so I got out on the road instead and rode in tire tracks.

Today I decided to get out on my snowshoes and create a fat bike track in my back yard. I tromped around the yard a few times to pack things down a bit then grabbed Bear and tried out my new track.

Uh, it didn't work very well. I spent a lot of time jumping off my bike and pushing my way around the back yard. What biking I managed to do was slow biking to say the least. I worked my way around my back yard track and checked Map My Ride on my iPhone to see how far I'd gone. What? Only .19 miles? Geez. I kept at it until I logged a half mile. That half mile was probably the toughest half mile I've ever spent on a bike.

I'm assuming my slow speed and difficulty getting around are due to:

  • the conditions - slippery, deep snow
  • tire pressure - maybe I could have let some air out for better traction
  • physical condition - I've been under the weather and not feeling that strong and...
  • I'm just not that great of a biker

Oh well. I'll keep on fat biking anyway. I'm not going to get any better sitting on my butt in front of the TV.

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