Vacation State Picture of the day - 6/25/13

We're gearing up to go on our annual vacation to the Short Wing Piper Club convention. There's always a lot to do before heading out of town and this year we're feeling a little more behind than usual.    The Pacer's annual just got signed off tonight. Owen and I both have to get current in the plane before we head out on our big trip with the family to Saratoga Springs, NY. We have to pack, of course. We have to deliver Rocket the dog to the kennel, George Lucas the Guinea Pig to my parents' house and Zelda the Leopard Gecko to the reptile sitter. Owen's been busy with work and I have been, too. So we're all kind of running around doing our best to get ready to go and feeling more than a bit frazzled.

Well, that's all the more reason to look for some Vacation State of Mind moments in our days!

I snapped this shot of Ryan a couple of days ago because I realized that I was in a perfect Vacation State right at home.

Here are the perfect little snippets of that morning:

  • I had breakfast on our deck with my son, Ryan (Rose, my daughter, is on a mission trip so I have the fun of some alone time with Ryan while she is gone)
  • My dog, Rocket, was curled up at my feet
  • The temperature was perfect
  • My coffee was good
  • I had wonderfully fresh fruit for breakfast and good Greek yogurt
  • Ryan and I were relaxed and enjoying some nice Mom-Son conversation
  • Here I was in Minnesota in late June and the grass, I noticed, was as green as I would expect it to be in Ireland
  • Green grass is beautiful
  • We live on a grass airstrip (it's the wide expanse of grass beyond way behind Ryan) and one of our neighbors took off flying in his Cessna 182 so we had the treat of some airplane noise (a lovely noise when you are into aviation and live on an airstrip)

These are things that a person experiences on actual vacations, I realized. I mean, people would PAY to sit out and have breakfast on a deck and watch a little airplane take off right behind you and here it's happening in my back yard! These are things that when experienced one at a time are a real treat yet, when I get too caught up in my list of things to do, could easily go unappreciated. Fortunately on that morning I was able to take in the special moments and things surrounding me and realize that, yes, life is good even when I'm not in some exotic location on a fancy vacation.

Life is good right on my deck at home.


Joy Riggs said…
Great post, Myrna!

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