Vacation State Picture of the Day - July 18, 2013

My family recently returned home from a huge vacation to Saratoga Springs, NY with a quick visit to New York City adding in. Our plan was to fly our little Pacer to Saratoga Springs for our 11th Short Wing Piper Club convention. I wrote about the start of our trip in a recent post, The Airplane Notebook. In that post I mentioned we had taken off for NY in our Pacer but were waiting out the weather in Rushford, MN.

Guess what? The weather never got better so we flew the Pacer back home and decided to drive to New York. It took us 22 hours to drive to Saratoga Springs - that's a whole lot of driving! After the convention we drove to Yonkers, NY where we left our car with Short Wing friends, Andy and Gloria, then took the train to NYC. We spent a day and a half in NYC then it was train back to car and car back to home. We drove the return trip without stopping to sleep at a hotel. I don't think we'll do that again though, I will admit, it was nice to get back home earlier than we had planned.

Our trip to NewYork was exceptional! On the way to Saratoga Springs we stopped at Niagara Falls. In Saratoga Springs we saw so many interesting things there from museums to shops to some of the famous Saratoga springs to a fabulous 4th of July celebration. We would all love to go back to Saratoga Springs - it is such a fabulous town! In New York City we saw an off-Broadway show, Peter and the Starcatcher, ate great food, took the Staten Island Ferry past the Statue of Liberty and went to the observation deck of the Empire State Building.

We all loved our trip and are so fortunate that we were able to travel across the country and see so much of the U.S. But you know what? We saw a lot of sights and had many new experiences as we traveled across the country - but in doing so, we all realized how much we like our own state of Minnesota, and how nice we have it here at our own home.

So, to showcase how lovely it is right here at our home, here are two Vacation State pictures for the day. These are pictures of one of my gardens. Enjoy - and remember to spend some time each day in a Vacation State of Mind!


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