My Brother and I Bought a 1947 Dodge

My younger brother, Joel, and I bought a 1947 Dodge Club Coupe on August 17, 2013.

What? Why?Huh? I didn't know you liked cars, Myrna! 

I can't exactly answer articulate WHY we bought the Dodge. But it has a lot to do with family. This old Dodge has been in the family for 64 years, since it was almost new. Our Great Uncle Elmer bought the Dodge in 1949. Our Grandpa Howard bought the Dodge from Uncle Elmer when the car was about 10 years old. Not long after our Grandpa passed away, our Uncle Marvin got the Dodge. Marvin owned it for about 19 years. The time came where he wanted to sell it.  And, well, Joel and I just couldn’t bear to see the car leave the family. And I think we both envisioned cruising around town together in an old Dodge and maybe going to some car shows together. 

In addition to the family connection, yes, I actually do like cars. I'm not exactly a car lover, I guess, but I like them for sure and do enjoy mechanical things (I'm a pilot, after all). Restoration interests me and I like old things, too. I will willingly to go car shows and stare under hoods (though not for long, I will admit). I kind of sort of can talk cars with car people.

I also think that I like cars because my Dad and brothers like cars. And, well, I like my Dad and my brothers (and Mom, too, of course!) And I know I can always find something to talk about with my Dad if we start talking cars. 

Over the years I've written a bunch of stories about cars. Some have been published, like Brake Stands (a story about burning rubber -- and talking to Dad), others are in various stages of completeness. And, with the purchase and restoration of this old Dodge, I know I'll be writing many more. 

With a long-term writing project in mind, and a desire to keep track of our restoration progress (or lack thereof!), I just started the The 1947 Dodge Blog. Hop on over and follow our 1947 Dodge Blog if you feel so inclined.


Uncle Marv said…
I enjoyed reading this. Great idea writing about this project. You have the beginning of a best seller. Your writing skills are impressive.

Joel G said…
I kind of miss the dust.
Myrna CG Mibus said…
I do, too.

At first, though, I thought you meant the dust we've created working out in the garage on Dodge projects. I miss that dust, too. The dust in our lives will settle soon and we'll be back to making dust in the garage!

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