642 Things to Write About

There are days that don't go according to plan. Days that get awkwardly goofed up. Today has been one of those days. Until just moments ago when Rose, my daughter, came up to my office and told me that there was a package that arrived in the mail for me. She made a comment that it was addressed to "Myrna Mibus, Writer & Pilot."

That's just plain strange, I thought. I wonder what kind of thing I got in the mail? And who would send a package to "Myrna Mibus, Writer & Pilot"?

I found the package on the kitchen table. It was about the size of a book. I opened it and inside I found a package wrapped in blue paper with a golden ribbon around it and a small card attached. I opened the card before the package. And I cried. I do that sometimes.

Here is what the little card said:

I saw this book and thought of you (even though I doubt you have any shortage of ideas to write about). :) Thought you might enjoy it anyway
From: Cassi

I unwrapped the paper to find the book 642 Things to Write About. It's one of those books with wonderful writing prompts and space to write inside. And the book was exactly what I needed to get in the mail today. Because today has just been "off" and, yes, I've been in a bit of a writing slump and actually have needing a little boost with my writing.

Here's the extra cool thing. Cassi is a friend I met through 30 Days of Biking in 2010 yet we've never met in person. I don't recall exactly how we started "talking" via email but right away I felt a special connection to Cassi. In her last email to me, written about a month ago, she mentioned she wanted to send me something. I wrote her back, finally, last week with my address and, I will admit, a bit of a vent about feeling frustrated with work and life - though no mention about feeling out of sorts with my writing. And somehow, be it God or the Universe or whomever or whatever, somehow everything lined up perfectly so Cassi knew to send me this book and card and they arrived on this very day when I needed it in the worst way.

All for now. It's time for me to open my new book and write something!


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