Thought you should know...

Owen will be a little embarrassed that I am writing this blog entry about him. But, well, he's taking a nap and won't know I am doing this until it's too late to stop me so here I go...

I just thought you should know that Owen rode the Jesse James Bike Tour's century ride today. That's 100 miles of bicycling in a whole lotta heat. Owen's been wanting to do a century ride for a long time now. He's been talking about ever since we started riding about four years ago. But, honestly, I think he's been wanting to do this for years longer. Maybe even decades. Owen last rode a century ride about 4 decades ago (he probably doesn't want me to tell you that) when he was in his late teens. I believe he did five century rides back then.

We've talked about doing a century together but I knew that a century wasn't in the cards for me this year. So, we decided I would take the kids on the 10 mile Jesse James Bike Tour route today and Owen would find some people to ride with to do the century. He has an awesome new Trek Domane now and I know he's been extra pumped to take his new bike on a long ride. And, even though the kids and I would have loved to ride with him today, we knew it was way more important that Owen get his chance to ride fast and far without us.

So early this morning Owen met up with two other guys he knows, Patrick and Neil, and set off with the intention of riding 100 miles. Shortly after they started out, another guy they met along the way, Keith, joined them. Together, the four of them rode 102 miles and averaged about 16 miles per hour.

Rose, Ryan and I decided to drive over to the middle school to see if we could find Owen to cheer him on as he finished his ride. On the way, we saw one of the riders pull over and start walking his bike. He looked kind of stiff and was almost limping so we stopped and asked if he needed a ride. He said yes so we put his bike in the van and started back to the middle school. Guess what? Stopping to help out Larry (he's from Colorado and was the nicest guy ever) meant that the timing worked out so we saw Owen and his buddies pedaling along just a half block away. So we rolled down our windows, yelled, honked the horn and waved at Owen and his friends to cheer them on.

We made it to the middle school about five minutes before Owen rolled in and dropped off  Larry and his bike. Shortly thereafter Owen rolled in very tired but obviously happy that he had finished his 100 mile ride. His first century ride in 40 years!

Congratulations, Owen. We knew you could do it. We are proud of you!

(l to r)  Patrick, Neil, Owen and Keith just after finishing the Jesse James Bike Tour Century Ride.


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