And we have a Finding Harmony Winner!

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for - the winner of the Finding Harmony book giveaway is Sheri Strachan. Congratuations Sheri - Pamela Fagen Hutchins, author of Finding Harmony is going to send a signed copy of the book directly to you!
Sheri will get her own copy of Finding Harmony in the mail soon!
I love how things work out as though they are meant to be and when I discovered that Sheri won the book I was pretty excited. Why? Well, hang on and I'll explain...

When I drew Sheri's name as the winner of Finding Harmony, I could tell from Sheri's blog that she lived in a town near me here in Minnesota. But, because Sheri's name is Sheri and her blog is called Sandi's Entertainment (more on this below) I couldn't figure out who Sheri was exactly. When I contacted Sheri to tell her that she won the copy of Finding Harmony, she wrote back and said that we'd met before. I remembered meeting her right away! We met through Sheri's husband, David, who introduced us when we were all at local bike shop some months ago. Sheri and I talked a bit and decided we should go on a bike ride sometime (we still have to make that happen!). Little did I know at that time that Sheri had a blog and would happen to find mine as well and enter my book giveaway contest!

Okay, so why did I get excited and say that Sheri winning the book was meant to be? Well, first I think it's cool that Sheri happened upon my blog. Then, you may recall that I mentioned in my post about Finding Harmony that I met Pamela through bicycling. I wouldn't have even known about Pamela and her books if it wasn't for bicycling - and I wouldn't have met Sheri if it wasn't for bicycling - and Sheri wouldn't have won the copy of Finding Harmony if it wasn't for bicycling - and I just think that bicycling connection is kinda cool!

Back to talking about Sheri's blog - Sandi's Entertainment. I'm so glad I found Sheri's blog! The full name of her blog is "Sandi's Entertainment: Random thoughts about stuff to amuse my sister." Sheri wrote that she started the blog because "My sister wants me to write a blog so she has something to amuse her on a regular basis. So I thought I'd try." The blog posts cover topics from recipes to make to lefse making to sweater knitting to good books to read - and more! Sheri has a good sense of humor that comes through in her blog posts. I'm quite certain she has managed to entertain her sister through her blog - and I'm certain she will entertain you, too, if you read it. Check out Sandi's Entertainment for yourself and see!

Click on this image to visit Sandi's Entertainment

Thanks to all of you who entered the drawing for the Finding Harmony book giveaway! I've never done a giveaway on my blog before and found it quite fun to see where all of the entries came from. I also had fun checking out many new blogs! 

Still wishing for a copy of Finding Harmony or one of Pamela's other books? Visit Pamela's Amazon Author Page or her website at


Anonymous said…
I can assure you that I have gotten much entertainment out of Sheri's blog! When I suggested that title, I didn't really think she'd use it. But hey, I'm famous now! :) -Sandi
Anonymous said…
Also, I see that you're a gardener--so am I! I will enjoy reading your blog. I've got a gardening/cooking blog at . :) -Sandi
Thanks, Myrna! Congratulation, Sheri!
Myrna CG Mibus said…
Sandi - I spent a few minutes at your blog just now and will be back to visit it again and again. So glad your sister made you famous ;-)
Myrna CG Mibus said…
Thank YOU Pamela - for writing great books and for being so kind to donate one to give away on my blog!

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