Field of Flower Quilt Progress

I'm having a busy week but managed to spend some more time working on the Field of Flowers quilt last night.

I plan to finish fusing the flowers onto the background on Tuesday because I have an appointment to get the quilt to Anne Tuma of Down Under Quilting on Wednesday morning. Once I drop it off to Anne, she will quilt the flowers to the background with her wonderful long arm quilting machine.

In my Field of Flowers on a Cold Day post, I was pretty much just in the thinking stage of this project. I had a pile of fabric and a bunch of flower petals to trace on fusible backing and an idea of what I wanted the finished project to look like.
This is what I started with - fabrics and petals to trace on fusible webbing
After I moved beyond the thinking stage, I traced the petals onto fusible, ironed them to various fabrics then cut them out so that I had a pile of petals and circles with which to create flowers.

Then I started the process of laying out the petals on my background. This takes some time but it's fun to play around with color combinations as I create the flowers. 

At that stage, I took a few digital pictures so I could remember the way I arranged the petals on the background. I refer back to the picture many times when I get to the actual fusing stage at my ironing board.
Playing around with flower petals to create flowers.
At this point, the flowers are not fused onto the background
As you can see in the pictures below, I ended up changing one of my flowers quite a bit from the design stage to the finished stage. 

The first three flowers are fused to the background.
I still need to add to the centers of the two big flowers
and, of course, the rest of the flowers.
Here's a close up of one of the flowers.
I got kind of elaborate with this one!
I have quite a bit more work to do tomorrow to get this quilt ready for Anne - but I like the work because it's so much fun to see the flowers "grow" on my quilt and the entire Field of Flowers to take shape!


This is beautiful! I'm glad I read this because I'm working on a quilt also, and was wondering who to get to finish it for me.
Myrna CG Mibus said…
Thanks. I'm excited to see what the quilt is like when I get it finished - and when Anne gets done quilting it.

I'd love to see the quilt you are working on! Anne will do a nice job of finishing it if you decide to have her quilt it. She's close by in New Prague, too, so that's extra nice.

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