Gravel in February and Goals Ahead

We've had amazingly warm temperatures here in Minnesota as of late. It was 60 some degrees last weekend so I simply had to get out and ride some gravel on my Vaya on Sunday. Owen joined me on his Mukluk. We didn't go far (about 5.5 miles) and we didn't go fast (about 8.5 mph) but we went and that's what matters.

Riding on a sunny Sunday

I've been thinking about my bike goals for 2017. I have decided that I'd like to bike 50 miles on my 50th Birthday but I guess I haven't 100% committed to that goal as of yet. I need to decide soon as March 25th is just over a month away!

Other than that, I have plans to join two friends from high school and Owen and ride from north of Minneapolis to Canada in three days with an average of 85 miles a day. We've got that on the schedule for late July.

The road ahead
Not sure what other bicycling goals I will set for 2017. Whatever they are, I will be logging my milage on a cool little chart I made in my journal - 2017 Bike Milage Goals. I can fill in a box for every 10 miles I've ridden all the way up to 2,000 miles. 
Bike Milage Goals Chart
I've ridden 15 miles this year so far. It's not much but it's a start!


Sherry said…
Hello! I found your blog and just had to comment. I'm from North Dakota and I'm an avid cyclist as well. I found biking four years ago as an alternative to running (which I cannot do anymore). I, too, am waiting for Spring to hit with full force so I can hit the trails and roads. I look forward to checking back with you to see how you're doing. :)
Myrna CG Mibus said…
Sherry - so glad you found my blog! I plan to write a new post soon because, guess what?, I got a new bike so want to write about it!

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