58 Hours of Fun

Last time I wrote I promised I would give you the stats on our Family 30 Days of Biking Challenge. Well, I’m a little slow in getting this to you but I finally have it done!
One of the reasons for the delay is that I went to tally up our total miles and realized that we hadn’t kept up Rose’s Dailymile biking log. Rose almost always rode with either me or Owen so I recreated Rose’s rides based on our milage logs. Then I realized we didn’t have Ryan log his miles in any formal fashion at all. So, since he usually rode with Rose, I based his milage on hers. Our final numbers for the kids aren’t going to be 100% accurate but they are pretty close. 
The process of logging all of Rose’s miles was cumbersome to say the least but I’m glad I got it done. It was kind of fun, too, to look back and read some of the comments we wrote along with our entries. To remember that our little family of four set out to accomplished a goal that seemed impossible at the start. That we overcame some obstacles and frustrations. That we spent hours together as a family. That we had a lot of fun. That we did, indeed, ride our bikes every single day for 30 days. 
So, without further ado, here are the numbers. Drumroll please.....
During the 30 Days of Biking Challenge in September 2010 Rose rode 62 miles, Ryan rode 62 miles, Owen rode 195 miles and I rode 202 miles.
Total number of miles biked by The Mibus Family during 30 Days of Biking - 521!!! 

Even using a conservative average speed of 9 miles per hour, the four of us collectively spent 58 hours riding our bikes in September.
58 hours! Wow!
That’s 58 hours NOT spent sitting still in front of the TV. 
That’s 58 hours of family time that was almost entirely stress free.
That’s 58 hours of fresh air.
That’s 58 hours of exercise.
That’s 58 hours of Mibus Family Fun!


Anonymous said…
This is just fantastic! Love how you've made this a family activity.
Loving the Bike said…
That is so awesome...you guys should be really proud of yourselves. I'm glad that #30daysofbiking has given you the motivation to get on your bikes and spend more time together as a family.

j said…
That is sooooo cool! Much better than the 58 dinners of hot pockets that we've been doing.
Anonymous said…
This is a great family bike story, Myrna. And I love the picture. Congratulations to the family!

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