Thursday, October 28, 2010

A lot of donuts

Another fun bit of information gathered from our The Mibus Family 30 Days of Biking Challenge has to do with donuts.

Dailymile keeps track of fun things besides milage like the number of gallons a biker saves by biking, the number of pounds lost and the number of TVs powered for the miles you bike. The most fun statistic they offer, I think, shows how many donuts a person could have eaten calorie free, essentially, because of the calories burned by riding bike. 
Again, my numbers aren’t 100% accurate here because Dailymile doesn’t figure this out per month. But, based on the information I had I did some algebra to solve for X/number of donuts (see, math really does come in handy in real life!) and came up with the whopping number of 196 donuts!
That’s a lot of donuts for one family! Best thing is we didn’t actually eat any donuts during our 30 Days of Biking. Instead, we burned a ton of calories and got in better shape. Not that the kids needed to get into shape. They are already fit. Owen is pretty fit, too, though he has noticed he’s in better shape than before (and I noticed, too).
As for me, I’m probably the least lean member of my family but I’m happy to report that a lot of my clothes are now too big.
Now I’m not a fan of shopping for clothes. Really. I’m a woman who doesn’t like shopping. Clothes shopping stresses me out. Shopping at outlet malls gives me a headache.
But I do like shopping for bicycling clothes.
And I could use a new, slightly smaller, pair of bike shorts.
And, since I started riding I’ve somehow gotten on the mailing list for that cool shop for fit women - Title Nine, that has all these real-life models in their catalog and on the website who are really fit. And I really would like a skirt I saw in the Title Nine catalog and some of their other cool fit-woman clothes. 
Yes I know I’m not as fit as the Title Nine women.
But who cares?
I’m on my way.


annalisa said...

Good for you! You are on your way. And Title 9 has great stuff.

I also like, although they are owned by the Gap now. I bought 2 skorts from there that I bike to work in and they're super cool... for skorts. :)

Hope you can continue to ride well into the winter!

Myrna CG Mibus said...

Ah yes, Athleta does have great stuff. I get their catalog sometimes. I think I'm going to go to their website right now....

We got hit with a bit of cold weather here - I'd like to ride in the winter some. Not sure how much I'll do once it snows though I do know people who ride all year 'round.