A Secret Goal

I set another goal for myself at the beginning of February - but I didn't tell anyone about it. Until now that is. I meant to blog about it but simply never got around to it. Or maybe I kind of liked having a "secret" goal. Who knows? Either way - here it is now.

I decided to write three pages a day each day in February as suggested in the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. She talks about writing "Morning Pages" in this book, three pages of stream of consciousness writing - pen to paper, not typing at a computer - first thing each morning. The practice or writing Morning Pages, she says,  helps with creativity.

I've always liked the idea of writing Morning Pages and have made many attempts to make them a regular practice but have never kept them up. Part of my struggle with Morning Pages has been the "morning" part. Writing first thing in the morning for me is a challenge. So, even though I know that writing these pages in the afternoon or late at night doesn't really fit the "assignment" I have decided that I don't care. My challenge has simply been to write three pages a day sometime during the day. Sounds easy, I suppose, but just like snowshoeing every day for 30 days or riding my bike for 30 Days of Biking, there are days when it's easier than others.

I'm technically on day 14 of my writing challenge. I missed a day, though. Whoops. Totally forgot to write on the first Sunday in February. Oh well. I haven't missed a day since.

At this point I have no idea if writing has helped my creativity or not. I do know that if you read my stream of consciousness journal writing you'd be bored out of your mind. But the content is not the point. It's the practice of writing. It's about creating a habit. It's about clearing the brain of whatever is in there to make room for other writing to happen.

Let's hope my brain is clear now that I've written my Morning Pages because I have a story due. So, Morning Pages and a blog entry done, it's time to get to work.


Loving the Bike said…
I love all the goal setting and "30 days of...." that you've been doing. So Awesome.

PedalmanTO said…
Fantastic idea. That would be a super tough one for me, but I think I should give it a shot. I think I'll start with one page.
Keep up the great work and achieve this goal!
Pamela Hutchins said…
I love your February goal! Go Myrna!

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