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I don't often blog about my writing work but figured I would today. Why? Well, I had a story published in the March issue of Minnesota Good Age and I'm excited about it. In addition to that news, I've been writing for a new online publication, Northfield Patch. Oh, and I'm taking a Mother Words writing class taught by Kate Hopper and have been to two writing events at The Loft.

Lots of writing stuff going on and it's all good!

But, I don't want to stay up too late or write too much so will focus this entry on the Minnesota Good Age news.

A while back I pitched a story to Good Age's sister publication, Minnesota Parent. The editor didn't go for the idea but asked if I was comfortable writing for the over 50 audience, the target market for Minnesota Good Age. I responded that I was married to a member of the over 50 crowd (Owen is 55 - hope he doesn't mind me announcing that) so, yes, I was comfortable writing for that audience. Much to my delight, she assigned me to write a story about Michael Brindisi and Michelle Barber of the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres - a powerhouse couple of the Minnesota theater world.

I had fun interviewing Michael and Michelle early last December - they are exceptionally nice people - and waited somewhat impatiently for the story to run. The story, titled "I Do! I Do!" (a nod to the show at the Chanhassen by the same name) came out just a few days ago. It's on the front page and is the feature story! I was excited to see that - I guess it didn't dawn on me when the story was assigned that I was going to be writing a feature.

My story and Robb Long's  great picture on the cover of Minnesota Good Age

A great picture by photographer Robb Long accompanies the story. He does exceptional work and has shot for two other stories I've written for Minnesota Parent (Let's Go Fly! and The Minivan Makes the Man). I love his work and am honored to have his pictures with my words. His website, www.rlimaging.com, is worth checking out. As a fan of bikes and bicycling, I especially like his pictures from the Downtown Journal story by Gregory J. Scott, Winter Warriors.

The editor at Minnesota Good Age, Kathleen Stoehr, was super to work with as well. And guess what? She assigned me to write another profile which should run in the April issue of Minnesota Good Age. I'll leave you in suspense as to who I got to write about this time but will tell you this...it involved another great interview with an extraordinary character - and I left the interview wanting to buy a scooter!

A Stella from Genuine Scooters. Photo from Genuine's website - www.genuinescooters.com


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