Friday, November 16, 2012

A Beargrease Rocket Run

My dog, Rocket, was stir crazy this morning. He was getting to the point of being naughty. Pulling things out of trash cans. Stealing socks from the laundry. He needed a walk big time. But I wanted to ride my new Beargrease fat bike, Bear.

I had only a half hour window of time and couldn't do both. It was looking like Rocket was going to get his walk but I wasn't going to get a chance to ride.

Or maybe not.

Why not do both at the same time? Ride the bike and walk, more like run, the dog.
Imagine this is a picture of me riding my Beargrease with Rocket running alongside me and the bike. Since I couldn't take a picture of myself riding Bear and running Rocket, this picture of Rocket standing next to Bear's front wheel will have to do. That's my glove at the bottom of the picture, by the way. It's black and turquoise just like my bike.

I've never taken the dog for a run from a bike. I can't say it worked perfectly. Rocket was a little puzzled as to why he couldn't stop a lot and sniff things. And my ride was full of starts and stops.

But I got to ride and Rocket got to run.

And now we're both tired.

And all of the socks in the laundry are safe.

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