Sunday, November 18, 2012

At last! A two Fatbike Family!

Today - after ordering our fat bikes in early September and waiting, mostly patiently, with great anticipation - Owen and I got to ride our fatbikes together for the first time!

Owen's Mukluk 2 was in at Milltown when I picked up my Beargrease last Wednesday but he wanted to switch out the handlebar for one with more of a bend. Curtis had to order the handlebar so Owen had to wait to ride until the bar came in. So I got my fatbike on Wednesday and Owen had to wait for his. By Friday Owen's bike was ready but we couldn't pick it up until Saturday. We picked it up late Saturday but it was too late to get out on a ride.

Finally today, after a busy morning at church and raking leaves this afternoon, Owen and I hopped on our fatbikes and headed out for a ride.

What fun! We rode our grass taxiway (we live on an airport with a grass runway) with the kids and Rocket the dog running along with us. Then Rose, Ryan and Rocket stopped at the house and Owen and I kept going. We rode some gravel, I showed Owen that, yes, the fatbikes will go through plowed fields (though it's hard!) and we rode through a hilly grass field near our house. There were some ATV tracks through the grass so we had a bit of a path but, nonetheless, the grass was long.

We rode about 45 minutes and, if my iPhone distance app was working correctly, probably went 4 miles at an average speed of 5 mph. The bikes worked well. We got a workout and we had a great time :-)

Can't wait to go again!

Owen and his Mukluk 2 and me and Bear

Equipment update for me and Bear:

  • With the small frame finding frame bags is a challenge but I found a nice little Revelate bag at Milltown that works well to carry my iPhone and a few other things. I think it's called the Mountain Feedbag. I used it today and like it.
  • I will likely add a Revelate seat bag later (I'm hoping to get it for Christmas!)
  • I may end up making a frame bag since I don't think there's one on the market that will fit my Beargrease's XS frame
  • I'm almost positive I'll switch out the WTB Devo women's saddle for another WTB women's demo saddle. I'm sitting on the Deva okay, my sits bones are, anyway, but I'm as comfortable as I'd like to be in, uh, other places
  • Also the standard 11 degree handlebar is feeling too straight for me. I'm having too much trouble with my right wrist especially and to avoid hurting I'm more resting on top of the bar now instead of gripping it
  • I may need a different stem so I have a more comfortable reach. Not sure on that yet but I seem to be stretching out more when I ride than I thought I would. That might be related to the way I'm gripping the bar right now, though, because of my wrist pain.
  • Now that I found both sets of shift levers, I'm going to adjust them so they are easier to see and reach. They are tucked back too far away from me on the handle bar


gypsybytrade said...

I'm glad to see you've both found the joy of fatbikes. I almost always recommend the On-One Mary handlebar ( for a capable, comfortable position. I have put them on several bikes for others, and they only cost $25. However, your LBS may have access to other bars with similar dimensions.


Myrna CG Mibus said...

Thanks for your comment and for the information about the On-One Mary. I'm bringing my bike in to the shop tomorrow for some tweaks and I'll see if my LBS has a suggestion or I may go with the On-One Mary.