Cold Ride

It's 1 degree Fahrenheit outside with a -10 F windchill but I've been itching to ride my fat bike, Bear. So I did. I wasn't cold. I had fun. I will do it again.

Here's the scoop on what I wore (because I always wondered what people wear when they bicycle in the cold - and I figured you might be wondering, too):

  • two pair wool socks
  • wool vest and a fleece
  • snow pants
  • winter coat
  • neck gaiter
  • balaclava
  • helmet
  • lobster gloves
  • oh, I had clothes on, too, just normal clothes, not workout clothes
  • moisture-wicking workout clothes (ie: wool or those fancy synthetics or something) would have been a better choice

I was overdressed except for my knees, they got a little cold. The rest of me, even my face, stayed warm, or warm enough.

I rode Bear (that's the name for my Salsa Beargrease) over leftover snowbanks because going over them was way more fun than riding the flat, frozen grass. It's winter after all. Where's the snow?

My only regret is that I didn't ride longer. I was out for 15 minutes and went 1.65 miles - I wanted to ride 2 miles but wasn't about to pull out my iPhone to see how far I'd gone so I quit when I thought I hit 2 miles. I was short. Well, I am short - I should have said I was short on my milage goal. I guess I'm just doubly short. Anyway - you get the idea.

The ride was surprisingly fun! And, yes, it's possible that I might be just a little bit crazy.

But I really don't care.
Post ride happiness - all bundled up.
And no, I did not fall off. I'm sitting next to Bear so I could take a picture of me with my bike - because I like it.
 Owen's bike is behind mine. And so is a workbench.


Pamela said…
Oh my gosh I could never do the temperatures you seem to love!! Give me hot Houston :)

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