Snow Fort!

The kids have the day off from school. At our very late breakfast we brainstormed on what to do on their day off. Go to the mall, watch movies and play Minecraft were high on the list. And while we considered each idea we did something far better - we went outside and played in the snow.

Early stages of snow fort building. Even Rocket is helping out.
The kids decided to build a snow fort. We found three plastic storage boxes to use as snow block forms and the kids headed outside with great plans for their fort. Owen is working from home today so he and I headed out for a quick fat bike ride in the slushy snow. By the time we got back the kids had a good start on their fort. Then I joined in and helped Ryan with snow block production while Rose kept working on building. We worked outside for almost two hours before heading in for a late lunch.

The snow fort is getting bigger!
Getting outside in the fresh air and snow has been a great cure to the stir crazies and a great way to get creative learn some stuff, too. The snow fort building process got us talking about architecture, building materials, assembly lines, and estimating for materials. But mostly the snow fort building process got us all outside having some fun together.

The kids headed back outside to work on their fort. Owen just came up to my office to tell me that Ryan came inside with this message, "the snow fort building is going too slow without Mom."

So I guess it's time to head back outside and have some fun.
Catch you later. There's a snow fort to build!


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