Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Warm Fuzzy

It's cold here in Minnesota! We're being treated to below zero temperatures and we have almost no snow. In my mind cold and no snow is not a good combination. If it's going to be cold I figure we might as well have snow on the ground so I can snowshoe or ride my fat bike in the snow. But hey, the weather gods are not listening to me (so I think I will just bundle up tonight and ride my fat bike anyway - Why not?).

To help offset the cold - I bring you a picture of something warm and fuzzy to make you feel better.
Meet George Lucas, Rose's new guinea pig. He's warm and fuzzy. George's coat, unlike the hair of any guinea pig I've ever met (and I've met, oh, hundreds - we raised them when I was a kid) is more wiry in texture than smooth and feels much like our dog Rocket's coat (Rocket is a Border Terrier).

George, aka Georgie, came to us last week. Rose named him George because he was curious, like Curious George, and added Lucas because she's a Star Wars fan. We adopted George from a pet store along with all of his guinea pig gear - adoption is a pretty good deal!  George is  just over a year old, the adoption people said, and he was turned in for adoption about a month ago so it was time for him to go to a new home. We weren't really planning to get a guinea pig - but, well, we did.

And we're glad we did! Welcome to the Mibus Family, George Lucas. May the Force be with you, and all of us, as we embark on this guinea pig journey together.

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