Smile yourself Happy

There's a saying I've heard, I don't know where it originated, it's something like "you can't buy happiness...but you can buy chocolate and that's pretty close!"

I like that saying. And I like chocolate. And I've been feeling the need for some happiness lately. So today I walked into one of my favorite shops in Northfield, The Measuring Cup. It's a kitchen store full of fun gadgets and kitchen essentials like pots and pans. They also carry BT McElrath chocolates like my favorite Salty Dog and another I like, Super Red. And, I discovered today, The Measuring Cup carries the cutest little appetizer tongs with little "hands" to grab whatever little treat you are serving.

I saw those little tongs and smiled. And, well, I bought two of them because they are just so cute and very useful, too!

Buying the chocolate and the tongs didn't exactly buy me happiness. But the thought of eating my chocolate and just looking at the cute little tongs sure made me smile. And the actual act of smiling, I've read, can actually make a person feel happy.

I'm thinking the actual act of eating my chocolate will make me smile, too.

You know, I'm feeling pretty happy right now. Take a moment to smile - really smile -  and feel happy, too.



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