Day 15 is a wrap - halfway there!

This year marks the 5th year of 30 Days of Biking, a challenge to ride your bike every day for 30 days straight in the month of April. I've done the challenge every year plus three bonus rounds in September.

That's a lot of biking in all sorts of weather. In past challenges, I have biked through snow, sleet, rain, hail and have been out in very nice weather, too.

The weather this April has been less than desirable. So far I've not had to bike in snow or sleet (though it's due to snow today) but it's been cold and I had to pull out my winter jacket again. Oh well. Thus, most of my rides have been short hops of a half a mile to two miles. They count. I've also had the fun of getting out on some longer rides, like two rides on the Cannon Valley Trail this past weekend when the weather was pretty nice (for Minnesota). I'm looking forward to some more nice weather so I can get some longer rides in.

Taken on one of our longer rides last weekend.
My Vaya, Zippy, alongside the Cannon Valley Trail
Yesterday marked day 15 of this year's challenge. You know what? I almost quit and didn't bother riding. I was tired. The weather had taken a turn and it was cold (again). By the time I got home from work and other things it was past nine. What I wanted to do was take a bath and go to bed.

But I still got out my fatbike, Bear, strapped on my helmet and headed outside. I had to force myself. It was not easy.

Owen joined me on his fatbike (he's doing the challenge again, too) and we rode around the neighborhood and talked. We weren't out long, maybe 10 minutes. But time and distance of the rides doesn't matter. As long as I get on the bike and move forward, the ride counts.

To be honest, I nearly quit after I moved forward three feet and called it a day because that would have been enough to count. But by the time my butt was in the saddle, I figured I might as well keep on pedaling and actually go somewhere. So I did and now Day 15 of 30 Days of Biking - 2014 is done!


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