Riding in the House - Day 28

By the time I found time to ride my bike for 30 Days of Biking today it was raining - again - so I decided to bring my Salsa fatbike, Bear, in the house and ride indoors.

It's actually rather difficult to ride in the house. It certainly is difficult to build up much speed or log any actual milage.

The ride might have worked better if I would have:

  • taken off my tap shoes (I'd been practicing tap and wanted to keep practicing after my "ride" so kept them on).
  • made sure there wasn't any mud left on my big ol' tires from my last ride.
  • moved some furniture out of the way.

Here's my ride report:

  • the "ride" was short and rather erratic (pedal, stop, move stuff, walk, pedal etc.).
  • Tap shoes don't work well on metal pedals. Absolutely no traction.
  • I had to vacuum a lot of mud off the floor when my ride was done.
  • I laughed

When all was said and done, I took off my tap shoes, put on a rain jacket and some puddle boots and rode Bear outside in the rain for about a tenth of a mile. It wasn't bad.

Now I'm wondering if I should have brought Bear upstairs and tried riding down the stairs. Probably not.

Day 28 of 30 Days of Biking - Done!


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