Meandering Sunday Morning

Today I am thankful for gravel girlfriends and meandering bike rides.

I met up with Katy and Joy this morning at about 9:00 for a gravel ride. Katy had not had coffee because her husband, who was camping with their two kids, had the French press. So our ride started with a short hop to downtown Northfield where we enjoyed a cup of coffee at Goodbye Blue Monday. 

After coffee, we headed out on a Strava bike route that we had ridden before. Even though we had a set route, we were liberal with how we followed it and made a detour within the first few miles to take a picture of our bikes on Waterford Bridge.
Waterford Bridge
It's important to take pictures of your bike leaning up against things. It really is.
Then we rode on and meandered around the country on a perfect Sunday morning. We rode with speed at times and at a slower pace at other times. We took pictures, especially of Joy and her new bike - Pixie Duster.
Joy on her new bike, a Twin Six named "Pixie Duster." I'm in the background on "Zippy"
We talked. We stopped at times to check our route. We stopped once because a wasp stung me (ouch). We enjoyed the scenery. We laughed. We smiled. We had a good time.
Katy and Joy crushing gravel
Life doesn't get much better than this, I think. Wonderful riding companions. About 20 miles of good gravel. A gorgeous Sunday morning. Yeah. Life is most excellent. I am one lucky gal.


k a t y said…
Love this, Myrna! What a blast. I'm grateful we're friends.

Crush gravel!

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