We're in Luck!

We're in Luck, Wisconsin this evening instead of Superior and we feel lucky to be here!

We had breakfast at a little cafe in Siren this morning and were on the Gandy Dancer Trail heading north by 9:00. 
The going was somewhat slow but the crushed limestone trail was good and we made Danbury by 11:00. We had lunch then I bought some fudge and made a comment to the lady in the fudge shop that we were heading to Superior. When she figured out we were on bikes she got worried and told us the trail turned into an ATV trail and said the trail wasn't good for bikes. We knew that to some degree  - but have never seem ATV trails so didn't know what to expect. We had done as much online research as we could but still didn't know how the trail would work for our bikes. We just knew we had a long 50 miles ahead of us to make Superior and that there were basically no towns in between. 
Well, we got on the trail and soon discovered why the fudge shop lady was worried. The trail north of Danbury was great for ATVs, somewhat possible on a fatbike but impossible on my Vaya. Owen said my back wheel was skidding all over. The trail was made up of deep sand and gravel and there were no packed sections in which to ride. We rode less than a mile and decided to turn back. 

Turning back was a good call. We decided to bike the trail south back through Siren and bike until we got tired. 

After an hour, we stopped for a coffee at a great little coffee shop in Webster, Wisconsin. 

Then we biked on through Siren on the well maintained trails through Burnett County. Then we hit Polk County and trail conditions changed and were not so nice.

Mostly, the trails were mossy and not well kept up but rideable enough but I hit a few spots of deep sand that I almost wiped out on. Scary. 

After almost 54 miles of riding total for the day, we decided to stop for the night in Luck, Wisconsin. 

Our hotel, The Luck Country Inn, is nice. We had a good dinner at the Bon Ton tavern (they have a great outdoor patio).

Tomorrow, we will likely ride the trail all the way south to St. Croix Falls then ride back north to Siren. That's the plan, anyway. As we learned today, plans can always change!

We're both tired but are feeling strong. Our bikes and gear are working great. We are having fun and are probably eating too much! Good night. 


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