A New Mug

It's snowing today and blowing like crazy. Temperature is a balmy 16 °F right now. I'm in my office right now writing a bit and drinking a nice cup of coffee from a new coffee mug - it's a Doctor Who Disappearing TARDIS mug. When you pour something hot into the mug, the TARDIS (the TARDIS is a time machine - the letters stand for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) gradually disappears from one side of the mug and appears on the other. It's super fun to drink coffee out of it!

My new coffee mug - the TARDIS is in the process of disappearing
in this picture. It appears on the other side. It's cool.
I confess, I found this wonderful disappearing TARDIS mug on sale and bought it to give to one of my brothers. Both Don and Joel are Doctor Who fans and would have loved the mug. But I'm now a Doctor Who fan and, well, I'm a bad sister and kept the mug for myself. Sorry brothers! I'll make it up to you and buy you sonic screwdrivers or something.


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