Cold Day? Hot Tea!

The weather has turned cold again here in Minnesota. The temperature this morning when I drove out of my garage was -16°F. Brrrr. The sun has been shining, though, and that makes for a pretty day out here in the country.

I've been working on a story most of the afternoon and am feeling pretty productive. To reward myself, and to warm myself up because the house is cold as our furnace was out for the better part of the day, I did something that always makes me feel great - I brewed a pot of tea.

I must be in a mood for travel today because the tea mug I'm using is my London mug and the tea pot I chose from my collection has on it a painting of Paris.

As for my tea choice today it's one of my favorites - Lavender Earl Grey.

Ahhh. Now that's a nice way to settle into the afternoon.


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