I'm Writing Something...

It's been ages since I've blogged. The idea of writing to catch you all up on what's new and all that just keeps me from writing because the task seems too daunting. As for trying to write something clever about the New Year, well, I just tried that and got stuck. But I think it makes sense to write something, to get myself going again with my blog. So here I am writing something.

This isn't going to be anything spectacular at all - but I am writing something in the hope of keeping the flow going and blogging more often. But so I don't bore you with this first effort of the year...I'll just keep this post short and sweet.

Here's a picture of my fatbike, Bear, in the snow and a gentle reminder that, even when it's cold, you can still get outside and enjoy the beauty of the world (wear proper clothing, of course!)

It's been cold, cold, cold here in Minnesota with wind chills of -40° F. Despite the cold temps, I have gotten out on my fatbike a couple of times already in 2014. Granted, I did not get out on the coldest day but I did manage to get out when it was below zero. My rides have been very short, 20 minutes or less, but it sure felt great to get outside and move in the fresh air. And, once I got moving, I wasn't that cold.

It's sunny out today and above zero. And I'm going to go out and ride soon. Because, even though I sometimes find it a struggle to get myself out the door and on my bike in the winter, I feel wonderful once I do.

Bear in Snow


Eric Hutchins said…
It is GREAT that you are writing. What you write about at this point matters less than the fact that you ARE writing. YEAH 2014. Have a great year.

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