More Fat-Bike Fun

Owen and I had so much fun riding River Bend Nature Center on Saturday (Global Fat-Bike Day) that we decided to hit the River Bend trails again on Sunday.

It was about 50 degrees Sunday afternoon and we rode for just over an hour with no set route planned - we just set out and started riding the trails. There's something like miles of trails in the nature center,  some with great big hills! So big that we had to push our bikes up a couple of them. Pushing a bike is another kind of exercise, I guess, and since exercising is part of the point of getting out on our bikes in the first place pushing the bikes was all part of the fun. Well, maybe pushing my bike wasn't fun but it was all part of the outdoor, nature ride experience and that was fun!

I was a little sore after the ride and my knee and right ankle are a bit sore still today. For the most part, though, my wrist is doing well (I changed out my handlebar - see below) and I'm feeling pretty strong. Plus it was so worth it to get outside yesterday. The scenery in River Bend is gorgeous, Owen was good company and it was great to get some sun and fresh air.
Owen having fun on his Mukluk 2

Owen and I are hoping to head out on a group ride with Milltown on Tuesday night. We'll be riding in the dark and with other people - another sort of fat bike fun.

In Beargrease Report and in At Last! A Two Fatbike Family I wrote about how I've adjusted my Beargrease to fit me better.

Here's the latest Equipment Update:

Back at Milltown Cycles after our Saturday River Bend ride, Ben put my new saddle on my Beargrease, a WTB Leisure She. I've been riding the shop's demo model for a week now and decided it was the right saddle for me. So far, so good!
Bear sporting his new saddle, the WTB Leisure She, and the Metro 420 bicycle light on the Bend 2 handlebar

I've also been riding now with Salsa's Bend 2 17 degree bar instead of the Pro Moto 2 11 degree handlebar my bike came with. The more bent handlebar is making a world of difference for me in the comfort department. My right wrist often gets sore when I ride but I'm not having much trouble with soreness now. I think the 17 degree Bend 2 will do well. If not, I'll switch it out for the 23 degree Bend 2.

Since I plan to ride in the evenings, I needed a light for my bike and/or helmet. Curtis at Milltown directed me to a Metro 420 bicycle light from Cygolite. Owen has one on his bike, too. I mounted mine on the handlebars and I will get a helmet mount later if I decide to go that route. I haven't tried mine yet but Owen used his when we went through a long tunnel on Saturday and it lit our path well. 

All for now! 


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